Jierte T-Shirt Binder – General Info

This is a review of a binder from a Japanese maker called Jierte ordered from The SLG Store. In Japanese it is referred to as a “ナベシャツ (nabeshatsu)” and it is designed for female crossplayers (females cosplaying as male characters). I ordered mine in a small and it cost 1980円 (20.01USD at the time of my purchase). My entire order (of three items) took two days to be processed, shipped and delivered. This binder is essentially a T-shirt with a binder built-in. Since it’s starting to get warmer out, I’ve worn it a few times. I would say it’s my secondary binder. I have had it for about a month and the material is all still in great condition.

I ordered and received a green shirt/binder. The binding area is made of very thin, breathable, sheer material that is not stretchy. The binding area is short, so it stops at about the same point as a sports bra. The shirt itself is slightly stretchy. This is a hook and eye binder that fastens on the right. The hooks wrap around from the back over the front panel, which consists of two columns of eyes. It has three elastic bands on the left side joining the front and back portions of the binder.

The Good

This binder is extremely comfortable and doesn’t restrict my breathing, which is great for those who have respiratory issues (such as myself). When I wear this I generally do so for about 12 hours (from when I get dressed until I shower and bathe in the evening. The binder is very thin and breathable, but the T-shirt is made of slightly think material. Nothing too crazy, just like a heavy T-shirt. It is easy to put on—which I attribute to the elastic bands on the left. It’s incredibly convenient being able to just wear a T-shirt and not put anything else on underneath. Also, it was really cheap.

The Bad

While the elastic bands help make it easy to put on and probably is part of why it’s so comfortable, I feel like they also reduce the effectiveness of the binder. I do not always feel confident and comfortable in this binder, and sometimes I feel like I have to adjust it often. Sometimes I feel great in it and other times I feel really self-conscious, especially when I look down at myself. That’s my main issue with this binder. The shirt is also more fitted than what I typically wear, but getting a bigger size would have meant getting a bigger binder.

Image Info

I have included images of the binder showing the front and back of the T-shirt, the front and back of the binder turned inside out, the front of the binder pulled away from the T-shirt, the hook and eye system and the elastic bands. I also have included images of it being worn without the binder secured, with the binder secured and the shirt rolled up enough so you can see some of the binder, and with the shirt being worn normally with the binder secured.


The SLG Store

Jierte T-Shirt Style Binder

Video Review

More Pictures

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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